Testimonials by Careprost customers


This stuff works. All these years using oils for growing my lashes are long gone. I saw the product working after a month and my lashes keep growing. Made another order.in case I run out.


I have used this for over two years with absolutely no problems. I now have 6 other friends that order this from this site. I have never had a problem with the drug or the service. If you buy this under the U.S.Brand from a plastic surgeon it is over $100 in the states.

Diane Coan

I’ve been using Careprost for over a year, I have noticed a big difference in the thickness and length of my eyelashes. I have always had long, thick lashes but this does something extra. They are even darker. I can’t go anywhere without people noticing how beautiful my lashes are, they initially believe they are fake, but, they are all mine.
If you want to enhance what you have, this will give you that extra kick to your lashes. I have noted that when I lay off of applying this product every nite, my lashes revert back within a few weeks. I like to give my self a break ever few months. So far no problems using this product.

Hilda Lane

I have definitely see growth in my lashes, my roommate even noticed it. It’s been about 8 weeks. I’ve used countless eyelash enhancer products in the past but this definitely takes the cake! Mom’s birthday is next month and I know what to get her.


My friends bring me this from Moscow, Russia… I never believe for result, but trying to use this for a month, like 2-4 times a week… I didn’t pay any attention, but when my girlfriends meet me once, she ask me, or I did fake lashes))) After all many woman ask me same question)), so it’s really works, u have to don’t pay attention and do it before go to the bed 3 times a week.

Maria truong

This product is fantastic. It takes usually 3 weeks to really see the difference, but your eyelashes really do grow and it looks natural. Be careful how long you use Careprost as your lashes will grow grow grow. Almost to the point you have to trim them. I use this day and night. I’ve cut back to twice a week at night after several months. Highly recommend this.

Shelly Cooper

I was more than pleased with this product as I saw results within a week of starting to use it. My lashes were short and thinning and they’re now filling out and have become noticeably longer. I’m so glad I heard about Careprost and it’s affordable too. Thanks a bunch.


I have used Careprost in the past when I had to order it from another country without a prescription. I am thrilled to see that it is now sold in the states and is so easy to purchase!! It truly works! I can’t wait to get started again!